Photographer | Storyteller | Life Enthusiast

Sometimes, I do some pretty crazy stuff to get the shot. Taken while working with  Aimee Lee Photography

Sometimes, I do some pretty crazy stuff to get the shot. Taken while working with Aimee Lee Photography

I love people - Always have, always will. I love to hear their stories, watch them laugh, find their passions, and see them love. I will sacrifice sleep, food, and money to spend time with and invest in people. As a person, you are my priority, my personal investment. 

I'm a storyteller to the core - Stories pump me up, I love ‘em! I get into every story I tell - I deliver with excessive gestures, exaggerated expressions, and dramatic imitations. I’ve spent many an hour simply allowing my overactive imagination to run free. I am passionate about your story, few things bring me greater satisfaction than a story well told. 

I'm a little boy at heart - When I grow up, I want to be like my dad, I want to do cool stuff like fly planes and jump off of tall things, and I’m still fascinated by fire and things that burn. Simply put, I love to enjoy life. I love to laugh and I don’t take myself to seriously. I like to think I’m a fun person to hang out with, but I’ll let you decide that for yourself. I aim to make every session an enjoyable and chill experience - There’s just so much pressure when you’re in front of the camera! Let’s kick that idea to the curb and just have fun. 

Finally, I love Jesus - I’m blown away that a perfect God could love me so much. Jesus isn’t just a part of my life, He’s the only reason I'm alive. As I learn and grow in my relationship with Him not only have I developed a love and a heart for service, but also a desire to conduct my business in a way that honors Him. He gave His life for me, all I can do is give back in return. Not only will I care about you and seek to serve you personally, I will do everything within my knowledge to provide an honorable service. 

Me and my adventure vehicle, Scooby-Do-Baru. 

Me and my adventure vehicle, Scooby-Do-Baru. 



  • I have an excessive amount of energy
  • I probably think about weddings more than most girls do
  • I shave with an old school straight razor
  • I'm fluent in movie quotation, especially The Emperor's New Groove
  • Inception is one of my favorite movies ever
  • As a child I ruined 2 VHS tapes of the Empire Strikes Back after excessive rewinding
  • I have a bachelor's degree in Biblical Studies with an emphasis in Youth Ministry
  • I ride a fixed gear road bike, but I'm not a purist
  • I have a romanticized fascination with sailing and world traveling
  • I rarely make it through a shoot without climbing on something
  • I run the Handsome Wade coffee blog
  • I'm frequently stoked
  • I love V-necks. They're like woven freedom that hug my torso. On a related note, skinny jeans that stretch for life.
  • Tattoos are awesome, I want more
  • I have a slight obsession with things of the classy nature
  • My taste in music varies between metal and acoustic folk
  • I'm on a quest to find the best Rueben sandwich in every city I visit 
  • I live in Utah, but I'm a Coloradan to the core
  • I love to rock climb and slack line
  • I love coffee. I tend to prefer single origin African coffees brewed via Aeropress
  • I compulsively dance to music in commercials and theme songs

Hey look, it's me!